All Government Board Grades Military Boxes & UN 4G Boxes

UN Certified 4G Boxes

Our 4G Combination UN marked fiberboard boxes are tested and certified to meet UN Specifications and regulations under ICAO, IATA, CFR-49, IMO / IMDG. Each of these heavy duty boxes are designed to ship its respective commodity, tested according to the description provided within each product. Hazmat 4G Boxes are certified to ship via UPS and FedEx, only if they meet the regulations under the regulators protocol for its respective commodity.

Please contact us about our UN 4G Boxes if you are inquiring to ship hazardous materials through a more general regulation. We offer 4G outer boxes and also provide a large variety of packaging kits, that include the inner packaging / container(s) at a great price. Hazmat packaging kits include virtually everything you need to get your products or samples packed and ready to ship.

What does UN 4G mean?

The UN refers to the United Nations, who is the entity that creates and regulates specific shipping regulations–which means all UN 4G products meet their strict requirements. The “4” means BOX and the “G” means FIBERBOARD.

What regulations do these boxes cover?

These UN-approved boxes cover the regulations set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), The International Air Transport Association (IATA), The United States Code of Federal Regulations title 49 which concerns transportation (CFR-49), The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG). All UN 4G products bear a symbol which confirms they are certified to ship dangerous goods by sea, land and air.

What is different about shipping hazardous goods?

Hazardous goods require an inner packaging to ensure the safety of the item as well as the safety of those who are transporting the goods. The most important thing to note about the regulations governing dangerous goods is that the inner packaging used for shipment must be the same inner packaging the box was certified with.

This means, if you are shipping lithium batteries, then you have to ship them in the certified inner, which in this case is a UN-approved tapered steel pail. If you choose to package a lithium battery in bubble wrap, for example, then you won’t have met the demands of the regulations. This means your shipment will not be approved.

The wrong packaging equals time and money wasted. It is essential for you to consider which box and which inner meets the requirements of the specific good you are shipping.

How can I obtain the approved inner?

We’ve made shipment easy by providing comprehensive packages that consist of the outer cardboard packaging as well as the approved inner packaging, meaning there is no risk that your inner packing won’t meet the requirements set out by the UN. Our kits make meeting regulations easy, but if you want to use your own inners, you can check out our 4GV range which is designed for this express purpose.

What can I ship in 4G boxes?

The 4G boxes are specially designed for each purpose, making it essential you only ship what each specific box is designed for. We specialize in kits that are ready to ship lithium batteries, auto and marine batteries, heavy duty batteries and metal paint cans of various sizes.

We have jerrican kits suitable for shipping thinners, adhesives, paint chemicals and samples. Plastic jug and plastic pail kits are available for shipping hazardous liquids. In addition, we also have kits specially designed to ship fire extinguishers and life rafts.

We also specialize in 4GV shipment kits that include specific inners for specific purposes, such as vermiculite. This provides cushioning and absorbency, and plastic bottles and polyethylene bags of varying sizes.

What does each kit contain?

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular ready-to-ship UN 4G approved shipping kits–the lithium battery shipper kit, 4 x 1 Quart Metal Paint Can Box Shipper and the Jerrican / Jug shipper kit – 3H1.


Lithium Battery Shipper Kit (4G/Y6.3)

The lithium battery shipper kit comes complete with a 5L tapered pail which meets UN requirements for lithium shipment. Included is the double wall box and a polyurethane bag with zip ties for easy securing. It also includes bubble wrap for secure placement in the box, as well as the following warning labels to be fixed to the exterior of the box: lithium batteries, class 9 and cargo aircraft only.

4 x 1 Quart Metal Paint Can Box Shipper

This paint can shipper kit is limited to the shipment of paint cans. The kit comes with everything you need to secure a can for safe shipment, including the approved box, fiberboard inserts which secure the can in place and stickers which signal the contents of the box to authorities. The kit includes the following warning stickers: Flammable Liquid Class 3 or Corrosive Class 8. You’ll need to indicate which one you require when you purchase, so ensure you select the label that meets your needs.

Jerrican / Jug Shipper – 3H1

This jug shipping kit, also known as a jerrican, comes with everything you need to ship your hazardous goods. It comes complete with a 5L jerrican, a double wall box and labels that match the classification of the goods you’re shipping, which you will need to enter when you’re checking this product out in the online store. Make sure you know your exact requirements before you purchase.

All 4G boxes carry markings which indicate the right way up for the box to be transported, as well as markings confirming the packages meet UN standards. If you’re shipping hazardous or dangerous goods, a kit is a perfect way to resolve all your compliance headaches. Contact us today for all of your shipping needs!


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